New Evaluation Work About to Begin

From September 2015 we will be undertaking two evaluation strands to support the development of the Risk-Avert programme and to further test its effectiveness.

From September we will be joined by a PHD student supervised by the University of Essex. A key role for the student will be testing the validity and reliability of the Risk-Avert screening tool used to help target delivery of the programme within schools.

Over three years this PHD studentship will enable us to look at the medium and long-term impact of the Risk-Avert programme from a young person and school perspective

September also sees the beginning of our second evaluation strand. Working with leading independent academics we will be designing a robust evaluation model for the Risk-Avert programme to enable improved data collection and the testing of outcome measures related to resilence, emotional health and well-being and behaviour in school. The model will consist of quantatative anaylsis and qualitative activities.

These activites represent a truly exciting development in the programme which will not only test the effectiveness but drive improvements in the programme, we look forward to sharing the results over the coming 18 months.

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