Risk-Avert is 10 years old! Find out about some of our achievements by clicking here.

Successful since May 2013

with almost 30,000 pupils

200+ schools

7 local authority areas

Independent evaluations by academics at the University of Bath and University of Essex show that students participating in Risk-Avert programme have benefited from:

  • Improvements in overall Well-being
  • Improved Emotional and Mental Health
  • Improved sense of Self-efficacy
  • Improved Decision Making
  • Increases in personal Resilience
  • Increased ability to overcome Adverse Situations

Evaluation reports have also shown Risk-Avert achieves:

Improved emotional health

Better coping skillsĀ 

Longitudinal outcomes

Behaviour and conduct

Relationship and communication skills

Confidence and trust

Connection to shared school culture

Perception and awareness of risk

Understanding of decision-making processes

Responsibility for own actions

Solutions to real-world challenges

Understanding of early-warning signs

How Risk-Avert Works

Find out more about how Risk-Avert works, read our case-studies and latest evaluation reports and get in touch to empower your pupils to make better choices in response to life's risks whilst improving their resilience and emotional health.

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